Kids' Camps and Workshops

Devonian Youth Programs
Promoting cultural traditions and a healthy lifestyle

Kids Camp Group Photo

September 2010 was the inaugural year for the Devonian Metals Wrigley Kids’ Camps and our community cultural workshops series.

The Kids Camps; held at the remote location of Fish Lake near the community of Wrigley, NT offer a wide variety of activities under the umbrella of ‘On the Land’ activities, education and Dene traditions. 

The community cultural workshops; conducted in several Dehcho regional communities and focus on a ‘hands on approach’ to the teaching and promotion of Dene cultural craft traditions. 

At Devonian we believe that investing in the local youth helps to build community capacity from the ground up.  It is a way of working with kids through programs that promote clean living, a healthy outdoor lifestyle, Dene cultural traditions and education.  Investing in the future.

Wrigley Kids Camp at Fish Lake, NT – 2010

Wrigley Kids Camp at Fish Lake, NT – 2011

Devonian Kids Cultural Workshops 2012