Our Partners

Deutsche Rohstoff AG specializes in developing attractive natural resource deposits in Germany, Europe and North America. We secure rights in deposits of valuable industrial metals such as tin, tungsten, nickel, zinc and rare earth elements as well as precious metals such as gold and silver. Through our associated company Rhein Petroleum GmbH we explore oil and gas fields mainly in Germany in collaboration with experienced partners.

We prefer known deposits and mines which were developed with great effort and cost in the past, but could not be exploited profitably in times of low commodity prices. In view of ever-increasing prices, such deposits are in great demand today, as they may be developed rather quickly without incurring extravagant expenses and running high risks. We operate our projects and business participations in countries marked by legal and political stability, providing an excellent infrastructural backbone and to which modern environmentally compatible mining is a matter of course.

Natural resources stand for the very key for the future growth of emerging and newly industrialised countries such as China and India. Against that backdrop, the worldwide demand for commodities will continue to show rapid growth over a long period of time. In the next twenty-five years, the globe's population will need more raw materials than ever before in human history. So, this is both a great challenge and a unique business opportunity.

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