Wrigley Kids Cultural Camp at Fish Lake, NT
In September 2011, the youth from Wrigley (NT) traveled  to fish lake with  local Dene instructors...

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Forget gold. Go for copper, nickel, zinc, aluminium (October 09, 2009)

Power Air Corp Zinc Air Fuel Cell
(January, 2009)

International Zinc Association Zinc... Essential for Life
(January 15, 2009)

Power Genix
Nickle Zinc Hybrid batteries (December 2008)

Power Genix
Nickel-zinc technology provides for up to a 40% smaller and lighter battery—very attractive dynamics for HEV applications

30.09.2009: Pehdzeh Ki First Nation would like to extend this opportunity to thank Devonian Metals Inc. for their contribution to the community harvester's fund.

24.09.2009: Devonian Metals Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Thomas Gerke as the Company's new Vice President.